Support Web3 wallets in StarkNet

This is exactly why I think that if we go with a special CREATE opcode for EOAs, the default should be a proxy. Otherwise the dapp would have final influence on the user’s account contract and we shouldn’t assume the users will always be aware of this. The best protection is to force proxy deployments on these contracts (and if the user wants to opt-out from proxies, they can just upgrade to a non-upgradeable one).


Agreed. I think it makes sense to have one default implementation that all accounts deployed thru the factory are forced to use. Users can then opt in to upgrade to other implementations (or remove upgradeability to become immutable).

This is just like how in L1 you have a “default” account implementation (EOA with ECDSA), except you can’t opt out of it on L1.


Wow, such a good news. Completely agreed


Is starknet going to be available via the Argent mobile Wallet ? or is the focus just on browser extension ?


For the moment our focus is on the browser extension, but the plan is to also support StarkNet in the mobile extension at some point.


Thats great. I am looking forward to the mobile extension. Its much easier to onboard newcomers via mobile imo.

mobile extension would be great!

yes it will make starknet more popular

I’m really looking forward to it.