A friendly web3 strategist here saying hi!

Hey all, Max here.

I just wanted to say hi to the community and express my support for the starknet community. I’ve been observing for a while now and finally made the step to thoroughly create an account on your forum.

I love gaming, strategize about life, wealth management but also animals (dogs, cats, capybaras).

In my professional life (which takes most of my time), I work with many founders in the web3 space. I closely advise 3 web3 startups (weekly touchpoints), and act as a sparring partner to their problems, and concerns.

At my job, I make sure that our portfolio companies succeed in their mission to building valuable web3 startups.

Happy to be here and help out where I can! Also happy to jump on a call to get friendly with anyone OR play duo on League (KR server) :blush:

But also happy to try any other games that you guys can recommend!