Analyzing StarkNet's Adoption Lag Compared to Other L2 Solutions: Why and How to Drive Adoption?

Dear StarkNet Community Members,

It’s hard not to notice that, despite its impressive technological innovations, StarkNet’s adoption seems to be lagging behind other Layer 2 (Arbitrum/base/zksync) solutions. We’re here to discuss this reality and collectively brainstorm how we can accelerate StarkNet’s adoption. After all, we all believe in its incredible potential, don’t we?

1. Understanding the Lag: Why do you think StarkNet has fallen behind other L2 solutions? What factors contribute to this situation? Is it related to communication, technical complexity, or other aspects ?

2. Adoption Strategies: What are the strategies we can employ to reverse this trend? How can we better promote StarkNet to developers, users, and businesses? Awareness campaigns, strategic partnerships, or something else ?

3. Comparative Analysis: Can we provide an objective comparison between StarkNet and other L2 solutions in terms of performance, costs, security, and other relevant criteria? This will help us identify areas where StarkNet can shine and where improvements are needed.

4. Realizing Potential: What are the specific use cases where StarkNet has an undeniable competitive advantage? How can we leverage these strengths to encourage adoption?

5. Concrete Actions: Most importantly, what can you do as a member of the StarkNet community to contribute to its adoption? Ideas for projects, tutorials, or educational resources?

We are all here because we believe in StarkNet, and it’s together that we can overcome these challenges and elevate the ecosystem to new heights. So, please share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. Together, we can ensure that StarkNet occupies the rightful place it deserves in the blockchain Layer 2 solutions landscape.