Applications for Round #1 of Early Adopter Grants (EAG)

Testnet Contracts

Other Sources :point_down:

  • Project name: Dolven Labs

  • Project description:
    Dolven Labs is a DAO Based Ecosystem Catalyst and hub for permissionless DeFi tools and innovative projects for Starknet Ecosystem, it aims to be the future of investing, deal flow, and value creation in the Starknet Ecosystem.

    Products and Services
    :zap: Super Charger
    :anchor: DAO
    :toolbox: Incubation
    :rocket: Starknet Quick Launch Kit
    :open_book: CairoLib.
    :gem: Starknet Social
    :trophy: Cairo Kings Arena

  • Website:

  • GitHub: Dolven Labs · GitHub

  • Twitter:

  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter: Email ( | Twitter (@dolvenlabs)

  • Team size: 7

  • Deployed contracts:

Testnet Contracts

Smart Contract Sources :point_down:

  • Project name: CairoLib.

  • Project description:
    World’s first smart contract library for Cairo-Lang built by Dolven Labs

    :bulb: Access Cairo-Lang smart contracts at one place, search, sort, and filter to get what you need.
    :memo: Self Publish your smart contracts and become a contributor.
    :milky_way: Starknet Social Integrated.

  • Website:

  • GitHub: cairolib · GitHub

  • Twitter:

  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter: Email ( | Twitter (@dolvenlabs)

  • Team size: 4

  • Deployed contracts: N/A

Other Sources :point_down:


Project name: Starksport

Project description: Connect the world’s major sporting events with DEFI and NFT market


GitHub: GitHub - possc/StarkSportContracts

Twitter: @starkfinance

Contact email / Telegram / Twitter:, @Hubertstarksport

Team size: 5

Deployed contracts:

  • Mainnet SFN: 0x00482c9ba8eac039eba45c875eeac660eb91768ca4a32cf3c5ae804cc62dccd2

  • Mainnet Airdrop SFN: 0x3a40a59c36172060c2690642c23f73c0f20175629fd6b45cdfe2b1c5d6a650

  • Mainnet NFT: 0x0194f440871376bce656ea3c9b2bf58922a65368d5fd12983e916c70ae84d4ae

  • Testnet Factory: 0x6fe5e242221269bd4b1696341fed4b323949088616a121e9074d3f5841cf908

  • Testnet Router: 0x59f8c369cda24b48fc81060b9969cc18f34f0d2d477907a205069610cab8a1e

  • Project name: RYG.Labs
  • Project description: :dizzy:NFT Studios on multi-chain that focus on

The creation of NFT and its utilities that can enable the security of personal data, and illuminate their identity on digital platform. We are the launchpad for artists to start their new journey in NFT field, and begin developing their own communities. :rocket:

Hence, we also enhance the daily routine productivity with the support of :robot:Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) - the product built by the combination of Dynamic NFT and AI. Due to our core is the Comunity-Driven Project , the upcoming features of VPA will be built based on the needs of our community :handshake: :100:


Application template:


Project name: StarkGuardians :sparkles: :shield:

Project description:
1) Audit Platform: It is a platform in which information is shared about new NFT projects in multichain platforms. For the time being, shared data is only about the projects built on StarkNet. However, the front end and back end are ready for other chains. To see the content of audited projects, wallet connection is necessary.

2) Launchpad Platform: It is the launchpad platform for the NFT projects that are classified as lower risk projects in the StarkGuardians audit platform.

3) Anti-Scam Plug-in: The scam websites are being recorded in the database of StarkGuardians. Users using this plug-in are warned to be careful against these scam websites when they are visited as they have been classified as scam alerted. For this plug-in, other features are under construction, but the service mentioned above is active.

Website: Audits | StarkGuardians - Security is Freedom!

GitHub: Additional information is below.


**Contact email **

Team size: 5

Deployed contracts: (links to verified contracts on StarkScan / Voyager; please separate between mainnet and testnet contracts)

Mainnet Contract addresses

SGN NFT (ERC-721) => 0x02d679a171589777bc996fb27767ff9a2e44c7e07967760dea3df31704ab398a

Testnet Contract addresses

SGN NFT (ERC-721) => 0x07a2a42d9f7f4760aeb709e634de83b293bb77a51020da00be590762a57cae28


SGN NFT (ERC-721) Flat => sgn-main-contracts-cairo/starkGuardiansMainnet.cairo at main · ahmetoznar/sgn-main-contracts-cairo · GitHub (Responsible for price voting and minting process)

Array Manipulators => sgn-main-contracts-cairo/array_manipulation.cairo at main · ahmetoznar/sgn-main-contracts-cairo · GitHub (Helps to manipulate arrays such as sorting)

Metadata Resolver => sgn-main-contracts-cairo/starkGuardiansMetadata.cairo at main · ahmetoznar/sgn-main-contracts-cairo · GitHub (Generates metadata for relevant token id)

Merkle Verifier & Multi-Sig Model => sgn-main-contracts-cairo/Libraries at main · ahmetoznar/sgn-main-contracts-cairo · GitHub (Secures the ownership of contract)

INO - ERC721 Launchpad (Supports dynamic rounds, dynamic price ranges and dynamic roles by taking advantage of merkle tree verification)

  1. meditation cycles : users to submit meditation records on this contract

  2. reward token : reward token for each meditation session

  3. helmet NFT : access token for in-app access, without it users can’t use app



Application template:

  • Project name: Starknet Security Challenges Factory
  • Project description:
    This is a game in which you hack Starknet smart contracts to learn about security. It’s meant to be both fun and educational.
    The goal behind this project is add custom challenges from community and migrate challenges from other solidity smart contracts CTFs.
    The game consists of a series of challenges in different categories. You earn points for every challenge you complete.
    There’s a onchain leadearboard and you can get a cute NFT with every solved challenge (worth nothing, just for fun).
    Harder challenges are worth more points. Each challenge is in the form of a smart contract with an isComplete function. The goal is always to make isComplete() return TRUE.

Contribute: PR your own smart contract challenge to the github repo and i will try to add it as son as possible.

GitHub: GitHub - devnet0x/Starknet-Security-Challenges-Repo
Contact email / Telegram / Twitter: / @devnet0x / @devnet0x
Team size: 1
Deployed contracts: (links to verified contracts on StarkScan / Voyager; please separate between mainnet and testnet contracts)

Core Contracts:
main: Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
nft: Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
Proxy nft: Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
Proxy main: Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer

Challenge contracts:
challenge1 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge10 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge11 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge2 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge3 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge4 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge5 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge6 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge7 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge7_erc20 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge8_dex Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge8_erc20 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge8_erc223 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge8_main Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer
challenge9 Starkscan - Starknet Block Explorer


Application template:

  • Project name: Penrose
  • Project description: Penrose is the first fully on-chain generative art experiment on Starknet built by Quasar Labs. The idea is inspired by the legendary Autoglyphs.

Each Penrose is a unique artwork generated on-chain and bootstrapped using the Constant Rate Issuance Sales Protocol (CRISP) mechanism designed by the Paradigm research team.


Bibliotheca DAO

  • Project name: Bibliotheca DAO (building ‘Loot Realms’)
  • Project description:

Bibliotheca DAO is an open source decentralized game studio and research lab developing ‘Realms’, an autonomous world founded in Loot running on Starknet.

From AI to ZK, we are leveraging bleeding edge technology to build autonomous, playable worlds running onchain. The DAO has been building on Starknet since November 2021.

The DAO has two game titles in development:

Title 1: ‘Realms: Eternum’ is a complex economic and military strategy game running fully onchain. Battle it out in a world of politics, warfare, and economics with 8,000 Lords in an intricate and eternal game of strategy. OG Alpha deployed on testnet March 2022. Second testnet deployed October 2022. Current Alpha deployed March.

Title 2: ‘Realms: Adventurers’ is a creator-driven world of onchain games set in the Realms universe. Featuring a creator toolkit, code libraries, game engine, and a storefront.

Ecosystem contribution (all code is open source):

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Contracts Alpha 2

Could not verify these as the compiler has changed and I did not verify. You can see the activity.

  • Project name: Fibrous Finance
  • Project description: Fibrous is a price exploration and routing algorithm across multiple AMMs that offers token exchanges with the best and cheapest rate at Starknet validity Rollup.
  • Website:
  • GitHub: Fibrous Finance
  • Twitter: @FibrousFinance
  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter: E-mail / Telegram / Twitter
  • Team size: 25 people
  • Deployed contracts:

Testnet v1

Swap Handler:
Swap Handler

ERC-20 Tokens:

AMM Pool Contracts:
AMM 1 fibETH-fibDAI Pool
AMM 1 fibDAI-fibBTC Pool
AMM 1 fibETH-fibBTC Pool
AMM 2 fibETH-fibDAI Pool
AMM 2 fibDAI-fibBTC Pool

Oracle Contracts:
Oracle 1
Oracle 2

AMM 1 Swapper
AMM 2 Swapper

Testnet v2

Swap Handler:
Swap Handler

ERC-20 Tokens:

AMM 1 Contracts:
fETH-fDAI Pool
fETH-fBTC Pool
fBTC-fDAI Pool

AMM 2 Contracts:
fETH-fDAI Pool
fETH-fBTC Pool

AMM 3 Contracts:
fETH-fDAI Pool
fETH-fBTC Pool
fBTC-fDAI Pool

AMM 4 Contracts:
fETH-fBTC Pool

  • Project name: EtherDrops bot
  • Project description: A Telegram bot designed to track the on-chain activity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. EtherDrops provides a unique combination of tools and instruments that monitor coins, wallets, NFTs, and pools, notifying users of any changes. Over 500,000 investors, traders, and holders already use EtherDrops to navigate their crypto journeys.
  • Website: EtherDrops Bot - track crypto, DeFi, NFT, wallets | DropsTab
  • Twitter:
  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter:
  • Team size: 5
  • Deployed contracts: No smart contracts are required for on-chain tracking. We are ready to integrate StarkNet into the EtherDrops ecosystem and provide access to on-chain data for thousands of active users.

Hello Starknet community,

I am submitting this application on behalf of Pragma Network, serving as its CEO.

Pragma Network (prev Empiric) is the Starknet native Oracle, providing the ecosystem with data feeds, and especially spot prices from various crypto and more traditional assets.

We partner with data providers (CEXs, Market Makers, Brokers…) that publish directly their proprietary data to our smart contracts, we then aggregate it on Starknet, making the Oracle fully on-chain.

The data feeds are live on Testnet and Mainnet, and are used by most of the DeFi protocols on Starknet.

We also made several contributions to the ecosystem, especially through the development of Madara

RabbitX Application

  • Project name: RabbitX
  • Project description: Limit Orderbook Perpetuals & Derivatives Exchange on Starknet
  • Website:
  • GitHub: GitHub - rabbitx-io/rabbitx-contracts: RabbitX Smart Contracts
  • Twitter:
  • Contact email / Telegram / Twitter: / @ming_wu /
  • Team size: 14
  • Deployed contracts: (links to verified contracts on StarkScan / Voyager; please separate between mainnet and testnet contracts)
    – Testnet:
    • 0x2d04895c5baa95fc0c96fe44a6a257ab29a7a12310b5d1c6e3451cbb83022da
    • 0x2fa5d711ca011b04c06cd37d369ff0fa2f56d702771ed86072c37c6ec3a597c
    • 0x566831bb6d492dbda6d53a98f0632660cdac693837f847cb40b1ed33e28da7b
    • 0x26ca9608e9dd7ae4c114edb8c5f7774992c52688efe60e01bbba5481c8abdde
    • 0x3b33b71c42c34d87ac30da3a9d4ae8270161f187aa323e2a40eea64679777ee


  • 0x7ea517643afd3ad5adec2ed100526d150fe1c1a47f0d5b619c6a5a0d9dc8a4f
  • 0x54db6d40a43c732796a0261738a5f943c3086dbb7c645a229c94d7134f917c1