Architecture diagram request

At LambdaClass we think the network needs a clear architecture diagram that shows each service used, including all the external and internal dependencies and interfaces consumed in the main and test network.

Long term when everything is open source we need an easy to launch a testnet in one or multiple machines. Easy launch and reproduction of the whole system is crucial to create a resilient network. The more eyes checking the codebase and the full diagram the better.

Hey, thanks for sharing this! This proposal seems very reasonable for me from a decentralization perspective.

Speaking for myself, though I have a rough idea about everything is organized, Iโ€™m definitely missing the details and the exact articulation of things. Do I need this right now? well, hard to say, but with the rise of the Starknet Stack and itโ€™s different flavors, itโ€™s seems definitely a good thing to get to know the existing situation.

For example with Kakarot, weโ€™re currently starting a track to make sure that our EVM passes the conformance tests. If we donโ€™t have already such things for starknet, it is probably a good idea to start to work on this to be ready on time!