Cairo on Bitcoin layers

I saw that Starkware was part of Bitlayer’s recent funding round

Bitlayer is one of the many Bitcoin layers recently announced. I use the ambiguous term “layer” intentionally, as many of these networks claim to be L2s, but are not. Rollups on bitcoin are not possible, yet, but some promising concepts like BitVM are getting us closer to better bridging (not quite unilateral exits, but 1-of-N federated sets and maybe even 1-of-N permissionless sets with BitVM v2!) and maybe later for enforcing tx validity as well with validity proof verification

Anyway, Bitlayer mentions support for multiple VMs. Are there other Bitcoin layers looking at Cairo? As we’ve seen with Kakarot, we can emulate the EVM to adopt some EVM developer mindshare. But I’m more so interested in having a natively zk-provable VM at the core like CairoVM.

I am aware of Kasar Labs’ DA adapter, but this is a slightly different model than what I’ve seen with the likes of Bitlayer, Citrea, BOB, etc (ie Kasar was building infra for a Starknet L3 that wanted to gain a piece of Bitcoin security in the form of finality?)

hi, Chakra might be leveraging the CairoVM Chakra Protocol: Bitcoin Restaking using Zero-Knowledge Proofs — Chakra

Bison also mentions Cairo VM FAQ | BisonLabs