Cairolang Wishlist

During the Amsterdam Hackathon we put up a “wishlist” board and here is what the respondents said:

  • SHA256 + KECCAK builtin
  • Package Manager
  • Storing arrays/long strings/native strings
  • Create separate error message json and “in contract” error message json for easier debugging
  • Indexed events for specific contract types
  • Switch statement
  • Elliptic Curve Library
  • Typed arrays
  • Methods for structs
  • Defined and open process for adding hints
  • Enums
  • Deduce type on assignment from function return

Feel free to add more in the comments to this post or echo the features here that you would love to see.


Here’s my wishlist I wrote down a while ago.

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My wish list:

  • make function call usable in expressions
  • less verbose/cheaper struct storage updates: to read single attribute full struct needs to be read into memory, to update single attribute full struct needs to be rewritten
  • overloading functions and events (important for api level solidity compatibility)
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A Sha256 builtin is at the top of my wishlist as well.

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