Can someone provide a simple loop example which calls another function?

I am trying to call a function for testing using protostar, and up until now, I tried it with recursion, but it always limits to around 80 calls.

Can someone share an example of a loop implementation?

I tried this link, but it is not working (still in the learning phase, so not sure what to do).

My current implementation is somewhat like the below:

func test_loop{bitwise_ptr: BitwiseBuiltin*, range_check_ptr}() {
    tempvar n = 5;
    tempvar n = n - 1;
    jmp loop_start if n != 0;
    return ();

I need to call test_function_to_call() at least n times.


Hi ser,

Have a look here

Hope it helps!


Hey @gaetbout

Thanks for the link. I quickly looked, but I think this might not solve my problem.

  1. The foreach and other function still uses recursion. In my case, as n can be a big number, it is hitting the limit I think.
  2. The functions require an array, whereas in my case, it just requires a call to a function without any parameter n times.

Appreciate the help and will be saving the link for future use cases.