Code coverage for Cairo 1+

As of today, no code coverage tool is available for Cairo 1+

There’s some projects already getting audits, but to my surprise i’ve seen no formal request or discussion around having code coverage tooling – imo something you’d like way before getting an audit.


why now?

Security is paramount. And now that we can see the light at the end of the huge Cairo 0 > Cairo 1 migration I think production readiness is craving for security.

I read the starknet-foundry (ex protostar) team has plans for such a feature but it’s not a priority.

what’s next?

I’d like to open this topic to signal demand for this feature, as well as inviting the community to show their support and need for it.

I’d like to also summon grant givers and grant hunters to agree on implementing this much required feature to raise the security bar of the entire ecosystem – it’s a public good we all need.

:test_tube: :handshake: :toothbrush:

Yes please, anyone, make it happen ASAP

starknet-foundry has an open issue for it. although not a priority.

Just expressing my support, a codecov tool is def needed :pray:

As mentioned, we would love to include it as a natural feature of starknet-foundry at some point. Though there is critical stuff that has to be implemented first. If anybody is interested in this feature I suggest voting up the issue so we can estimate the importance.

If somebody is interested in collaborating on it as a part of starknet-foundry you are welcome to get in touch with me as well.

+1 !
After it’s available we shall include it in the Starknet Hardhat Plugin