Community Forum Guidelines ⬅️ Start Here

Welcome to StarkNet’s Community Forum: A forum for StarkNet community members to discuss technical opportunities and governance proposals, share ideas, and collaborate on initiatives, across nationalities and organizations.

A few guidelines:

  • English is the official language of this forum
  • For new topics, please use a clear title and the appropriate category label
  • We encourage thoughtful, well-articulated posts related to StarkNet. Please avoid off-topic discussions
  • Before posting, please ask yourself: does my post add value to the community? ‘gm / gn’ posts will be rejected and spammers will be blocked

This forum is a place for thoughtful discussion between community members. Most StarkNet and Cairo support issues should be handled on either Discord or StackOverflow.

For quick support, please visit our support channels on StarkNet’s discord .

For questions that may be beneficial for the entire community, please create a post on StackOverflow using the starknet or cairo-lang tags. StackOverflow posts with those tags are monitored by our dev support team.