Data layer on StarkNet

We know that the computation is cheap on StarkNet. But how the data layer is going to work on StarkNet?

In Volition (Validium and Rollup) , we can choose how transaction data is stored. For some other data likw metadata of NFT, how will they be stored? Are we going to use other data layer like IPFS or Arweave?

Thank you for any comments on this.


StarkNet currently acts as a “standard” ZK-rollup. StarkEx implemented volition since version 4.5 (StarkEx Version 4.5 is Here!. Volition, ERC-1155, and Transaction… | by StarkWare | StarkWare | Medium); this will eventually rollout to StarkNet, allowing one to choose how tx data would be stored.


Yes, we can use other data layers like IPFS or Arweave to store metadata of NFTs on StarkNet. This can be a viable solution for handling data beyond transaction data storage.