Disable hint validation when testing

Marcello recently pointed out that you can disable hint validation when compiling smart contracts. The process feels very hacky (because it is), so it would be very nice to have an option in the testing framework (for example, when instantiating the Starknet object) to disable hint validation to trace our contracts with print statements.

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It’s not that hacky - you can pass the compiled contract (with hint validation disabled) directly to deploy as the contract_def kwarg, but I do agree it would be much more convenient to have this flag when instantiating Starknet.

I see, it’s possible to pass disable_hint_validation=True to compile_starknet_files, then pass that to starknet.deploy. I think it would be convenient to have that flag in starknet.deploy too, but now that you explained how to do it, it’s not that bad.

This has been merged recently into Nile! Soon to be released :slight_smile: