Real-world Applications

Hello StarkNet Enthusiasts! :rocket:

I’ve been diving deep into StarkNet’s scalability features and am particularly intrigued by its potential for facilitating seamless cross-chain interactions. Given the growing number of blockchains in the ecosystem, ensuring fluidity between chains is paramount for the future of decentralized applications and systems.

Are there any projects or DApps that currently leverage StarkNet’s scalability for cross-chain operations? Would love to hear experiences, both in terms of technical implementation and user experience.

I suppose you’ll be interested in the storage proofs, ser:

the Herodotus and Pragma are working on it
and some videos about them:;
their official twitter: ;
please DYOR,thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Hey! :sunglasses:

We at Nimbora are equally fascinated by the scalability features of StarkNet, especially its potential for fostering seamless cross-chain interactions. While the landscape is evolving, we invite you to explore the cutting-edge solutions at Nimbora.

Our project is actively contributing to the future of decentralized applications with a focus on scalability and efficiency, particularly through innovations like our Fast Withdrawal feature. To dive into the latest developments and discover how we’re shaping the future, visit Nimbora. We believe you’ll find valuable insights and new possibilities awaiting you. Happy exploring! :wink: