Revoke approvements dApp request

Stakrnet’s onboarding many users day by day. It’s nice to see how Starknet is developing.

In the recent future, in Starknet’s ecosystem might appear some unscrupulous dApps / protocols.
We are unable to control or prevent everything, because we are the human beings.

In this case to avoid loosing funds while interacting with unknown smart-contracts by a chance, I guess we need to create/develop REVOKE approvement/permission dApp.

The same structure of the dApp like we have on L2 >
It can be similar the that dApp, on maybe we can implement Starknet to that dApp as well.

Recenty, on the sushiswap hack i managed to protect myself by using revoke. This might also be necessary for starknet.

Yeah, on L2 there’re many hacks like: AllBridge loophole in smart contract, SushiSwap’s loophole. That’s why we need something the same as well on the Starknet. To avoid loosing user’s funds.
P.S. Hope u are ok after Sushi’s hack

I’m not technical enough to know it but is there no way to adress this problem the same way account abstraction is ? I mean there is no way in old financial system that you would have to revoke manually permissions to protect yourself from getting robbed.

Is Ledger adressing this problem or is a corrupted smart contract signed with a ledger still a threat if not revoked ?

I guess so, even with ledger.
Because once you approved smth, smart-contract can interact with the funds your approved without your approvement again.

Hope we can solve this for mass adoption, this is ruining the UX having to think about it
Or maybe put a revoke button next to every acceptation of a smart contract, to facilitate the revoking and making it mainstream.

Actually I was thinking if one of the Starknet supported wallets can implement that feature. Or maybe Starknet’s aggregator can implement revoke feature as well.

A revoke straight from the wallet would be very good… argent, braavos, among others!

Yeah, that’s what Rabby Wallet did. They implemented revoke function inside their wallet.

Maybe add it directly on smart contracts thanks to account abstraction.
egg : On Jediswap => Approve USDC/Approve USDT/Deposit in pool/ Revoke USDC-USDT
Just in 1 tx

Oh, that’s kinda solution.

yepyep, I almost forgot about this as it is currently not available, I am afraid to place more money in starknet and there is some dapp needed to get you approved for unlimited, if a rua happens it is extremely harmful to the user, we need this feature, please add it before the performance is fully open.

I consulted in Revoke community for the plan to integrate Starknet. Due to EVM compatibility and other restrictions compared to other chains, it requires more research to integrate. Starknet is still at alpha phase, i belive there’ll have such tools in the future.

Oh, that’s great. Appreciate for your research.
Yeah, hope the Starknet will be able to implement this feature.

Compared with the wallets of the Ethereum series, whether it is the behavior on the swap chain, authorization and formal execution are divided into two steps, but there is only one step here.

You can use starkrekt; a tool that allows you to revoke token approvals.

Check this out :

While we can use revoke cash on EVM-compatible chains, there is a project called Stark Rekt (developed by Fibrous team) and we can use it on Starknet.

We would love to see the integration of Stark Rekt on both Argent X and Braavos Wallet.

I suggest you visit the StarkRevoke site. This has made it possible.
ArgentX wallet is available in dappland.

I guess so, even with ledger.
Because once you approved smth, smart-contract can interact with the funds your approved without your approvement again.

Damn that is scary then…
I tried using the starkrevoke website but it is kinda bugged atm isnt it ?