Scarb procedural macros design document

The Scarb team is working hard to bring a functional equivalent of Rust鈥檚 procedural macros to Cairo. This effort will, for the first time in Cairo鈥檚 history, give all programmers the ability to write their own code generation for their project鈥檚 needs. Please take a look at the design document attached below. The macros are designed to be written in Rust, then compiled and distributed through Scarb. The procedural macro will be executed as a shared library loaded by Scarb dynamically. We would welcome any feedback you may have to best accommodate your use cases!

You can see the design document here: scarb/design/ at maciektr/proc-macro-design 路 software-mansion/scarb 路 GitHub

Please fell free to submit any feedback through this pull request: Procedural macros design document by maciektr 路 Pull Request #1109 路 software-mansion/scarb 路 GitHub

We will be merging the design document this week, so make sure to submit all your comments! :rocket: