[SNIP] A standard interface for manage modular Own Dapp

OWN dapp is more decentralized, the management of dapp is the users themselves!

as mobile phones were initially thought to only be used for calls and SEND messages, the explosive growth of mobile internet revealed that phones could serve as a carrier for a variety of apps.

Similarly, account can serve as a carrier for own Dapps.

  1. Provide a single smart contract address to support multiple Own Dapps.
  2. This proposal can be based on the Standard Account Interface SNIP-5, allowing each user to truly own their Own Dapp (e.g., Own NFT market, dex, inheritance, asset management, etc.).
  3. Shared storage for Own Dapps and reusable logic, offering stronger composability.
  4. Provide the ability to enable or disable one or more Own Dapps.
  5. Own Dapps can be developed progressively, allowing your Supper Dapp to grow continuously.
  6. Supper Dapp modularly manages Own Dapps, and adding new Own Dapps does not require upgrading the smart contract.
  7. Direct support for some of the currently declared Dapp smart contracts.