[SNIP] Naming convention: ‘Starknet’, not ‘StarkNet’

Hi community -

I’m Tal, designer at StarkWare. :wave:

This is a meta-SNIP regarding the spelling of Starknet.

As part of a light rebrand work we’ve been doing in the last couple of months, we realized that spelling “StarkNet” - in CamelCase - is confusing and creates inconsistency.

Why do we prefer Starknet?

  1. Starknet is more intuitive. Insisting on using StarkNet creates inconsistencies: even in this forum, many users use the form ‘Starknet’ over ‘StarkNet’.
  2. ‘StarkNet’ looks outdated - this is based on our surveys. Think about Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, Internet, Starknet vs. FaceBook, DropBox, MicroSoft, InterNet, StarkNet

We’d like to change all official documentation to use the spelling “Starknet” (lower case) instead of “StarkNet” (camel case), and we encourage all community projects to do the same when they refer to Starknet.


This is great @Talwag

I agree and think this is a a move in the right direction. The camel case version “StarkNet” has always felt awkward, both visually and in practical terms. It is harder to read it, it introduces a pause that requires you to read it like it’s two words and it’s a pain to write!

The upgrade to “Starknet” solves all of the issues you describe, will create consistency in its use and importantly feels more confident as a brand.


@Talwag totally agree, looks old-fashioned


I’m fine with the change! It’s true that I have to double-check everytime I type “StarkNet” :smile:


Interesting suggestion @Talwag. Indeed the CamelCase can be confusing at times and for the sake of consistency Starknet would be better. However, since a lot of projects where based on CamelCase, such as StarGate, we would probably need to change those as well to keep consistence, which might be a bit of a hassle.

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So now I need to update all my Obsidian notes :sweat_smile:

Will the same apply to Starkware vs StarkWare?

Nope, afaik StarkWare will remain StarkWare.

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As a marketer, I wrote “StarkNet” until now, I don’t know why but I’m convinced now. Starknet is better. Good point. Thank you Tal!


While I’m convinced by the arguments you have no idea how many changes we need to make now :smile:
I will apply suggestions on Starknet-ecosystem.com


starknet-rs has done its part :slight_smile:


Starknet is better to me too, also should we consider to rename SNIP into SIP for the same reason?