Starknet to transition to full Proof of stake

This is not more of a contribution, it’s a question as regards to the development of starknet.
I read in the freshly released blog today that “STRK will be used as the staking token for participation in Starknet’s consensus mechanism. It will also serve as the network’s governance token and as the gas token for the payment of the network’s transaction fees”.

I just have 5 major questions for the team and I believe so many people will also like to get clarifications as regards to this as well.

  1. Will the network validation be fully decentralized?
    For e.g having at least 100 or more validators like many other proof of stake networks do.
  2. What will happen to the present set of delegates ? 3)Will they be required to run a node and become validators to help secure network and continue to take part in governance with their delegations intact?
  3. Is there a roadmap for this?
    5)When is the testnet for this proof of stake network going to go live to enable Devs and potential validators test it?

Thank you in advance as i anticipate your response.