Starknet v0.13.1: Fee Reduction

On February 6th 2024, we posted details about Starknet v0.13.1. But every cake needs cherry on top: in addition to the features outlined in the linked post, the gas cost of a Cairo step (and of every builtin) will reduced by a factor of 2! This brings a computation down to 0.0025 gas/step.

But how? In a nutshell, SHARP will soon support larger trains, leading to improved amortization of various operation costs, consequently justifying a reduction in the amount of gas charged per step/builtin. Some subtler optimizations are also chipping in, but we’ll omit details here for the sake of brevity.

At any rate, this cherry replicates the 2x reduction of v0.13.0, continuing the fee reduction effort that will be outlined in much more detail in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned!