Thailand Community

you can talk ask question and post all updated about Starknet here

Thai languges is actcept here : ))


When a Starknet meetup in Bangkok? looking to meet Starksoldier here in bkk to exchange about the echosystem and about our project on Starknet.

I think soon we will have our first one account to the number of stark community is growing in Thailand also but now not so many ppl yet. but yeah it’s keep incressing rapidly

Should you guys open a Starknet Thai Twitter account ???
I m not native Thai but could help if needed.

Hey team !

I’ll be in Bangkok end of January and I want to organize a Starknet meetup. Anyone wants to give a hand ? I’ve never been in Thailand so I need some locals to help me :sweat_smile:

GRRRR… are you still around ? I missed your message.

Hey ! yes, I’ll be here on Thursday ! Hope you can join

For sure will not miss it.
See you there.