Build and start node error

Hello, I am building nodes by Docker according to the instructions in the document. But the startup failed.Who can help me.Thank you.
error logs: 2022-07-27T03:29:39.848265Z INFO :checkered_flag: Starting node. version=“v0.2.6-alpha”
Error: Failed to create a file in /usr/share/pathfinder/data. Make sure the directory is writable by the user running pathfinder.

Caused by:
Permission denied (os error 13)
cmd:docker run
-d -p 9939:9545
-e RUST_LOG=info
-v /data/blockdata/starknet/pathfinder:/usr/share/pathfinder/data


hey there. have you tried asking for support in the StarkNet Discord?

Can you send me a link? I can’t find it

there you go: StarkNet

Thank you for this.But somehow I can’t accept the invitation