Can I run a StarkNet full node?

Not at this phase. We’re currently developing the Constellations phase of StarkNet. See the planned roadmap here:

In this phase we have one sequencer. A full node is currently being developed (but note that it’s not a sequencer, it just follows the state of the network rather than adding to it). In the Universe phase, we’ll finally move to the multiple-sequencers mode and then you (that is, anyone :slightly_smiling_face: ) will be able to fully participate in running the network.


Two full nodes clients are being developed at the moment, one by the Erigon team, and one by the Equilibrium team.
We expect the first version of a full node, that will be able to verify the state locally, to be ready by December.


Once the sequencer gets decentralized, will that be integrated with the full nodes or will they keep separate purposes?


Run your first StarkNet node

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