Community calls list, schedule & call for speakers

Hello hello,

Last year we started doing regular community calls. This was a semi improvised endeavour, which has turned into a nice recurring event for our community. I propose to bring a bit more structure to it!

I’d like for this topic to serve as the go to place to:

  1. Open call for participation / presentation during these community calls
  2. Request for topics for upcoming community calls
  3. List past community calls
  4. Schedule future ones

Upcoming community calls
Dates are dd/mm/yy. Dates might move by a day or two in order to accomodate guest speakers. Time is around 14h30 CET, to accomodate both Asian and American members.

  • 07/06/22: Open for presentation, roadmap update
  • 21/06/22: Open for presentation, roadmap update

Past community calls

  • #1
  • #2 (Shard labs present their StarkNet hard hat plugin)
  • #4 (Argent presents Argent X)
  • #5
  • #6 Presentation by Zorro, presentation of StarkNet Alpha 5 (spoiler: lots of features)
  • #7 Presentation of Warp
  • #8 Presentation by Topology
  • #9 Presentation by ZKLend
  • #10: Presentation by Francesco Ceccon on starknet-react
  • #11: Presentation by Matchbox DAO
  • #12: Decentralizing StarkNet, with Ohad
  • #13: Roadmap update and live coding a tutorial
  • #14: Presenting get-starknet by Braavos, roadmap update

Hello! zkLend team here, we’d like to present our project to the dev community on the 1st of March - do let us know how we can facilitate this, or anything we can help with / provide beforehand. Thank you very much!

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where we can find the links for the community calls?


Awesome! Adding you guys to the list :slight_smile: will DM you to synch!


Hello! We usually post the links on Discord, here is the next one Discord