Does Starknet have a Python SDK?

Unfortunately, we don’t have yet a good Python SDK like This will come in the future.
You may be able to tweek the testing framework to fit your needs in the meanwhile:

An external team started working on a Python SDK. Hopefully, will publish more details soon.
Feel free to post here features request.

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Not an SDK but the Nile project is a python development environment which aims to provide any utility needed to aid Starknet development.


Any updates on this? @henri.lieutaud @bbrandtom if not we may write one…

I’m interesting in collaborating with this! I already have a few utility functions that i’d like to contribute with. My default idea was to move them into Nile, which surely will have a library in it.

We have no news on this front, so yes, if you want to contribute, that is a great idea :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
We have a release coming up on the SDK, we need just a couple of finishing touches, this is our repository on github: GitHub - software-mansion/ ✨ 🐍 Python SDK for StarkNet. Feel free to submit issues or give it a whirl on testnet :slight_smile:. We also have discussions and issues set up, so feature requests, questions and bugs concerning the SDK can be submitted there