Starknet.js - JavaScript library for StarkNet

This is a topic for issues, requests and news on Starknet.js

Repo is here: GitHub - 0xs34n/starknet.js: JavaScript library for StarkNet


Current development update:
Main issue:
Adapt tests for Cairo v0.9.0 · Issue #204 · 0xs34n/starknet.js
Most important PR pending:
Adding RPC provider to the library by MilGard91 · Pull Request #193 · 0xs34n/starknet.js

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New release:
Release v3.13.0 · 0xs34n/starknet.js
And patch release:
Release v3.13.1 · 0xs34n/starknet.js

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allls hellow glad to be here

Any contribution here is appreciated!

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