Native Stablecoin Liquidity on Starknet


In light of the recent events with Multichain that is now affecting multiple chains and multiple tokens which have been issued specifically by Multichain, I wanted to start a discussion about how tokens will be issued on Starknet, especially tokens like Stablecoins that are currently widely circulating on Ethereum and other L2 EVM chains. If this is currently an issue, I believe now is the time to address it head on before Starknet readies itself for mass user adoption.

At the moment, you can bridge by Starkgate and Orbiter primarily. It would be good to know how those bridges are issuing tokens on the Starknet blockchain. Transparency around how the tokens are issued and plans on the most secure and decentralized way to issue tokens in the future would go a long way to helping the community understand the risks and mitigations in place.

I’d love to see a cross-chain messaging system in place like Layer Zero but understand there may be some technical challenges to this?

Looking forward to reading the discussion/ideas from this great community


Yeah, L0 would be an amazing decision, but I don’t think it’s possible for some obvious mechanism reasons right now.
But we are still on the early stage, I’m pretty sure there will be many dApps that will be aimed to be best,fastet bridges between L1/L2 and Starknet:)

I thought about it too , its better if the stable coin issuer like circle or tether company themselves issue stable coin on starknet .
thank you for posting this .