On ENS integration

did inquire some info on ENS side and found out that ENS can also work on any L2

so the question is are there some of stark team working on it? because for on the side of ENS team, i quite hardly notice any progress - or we just intentionally focus on our domain (starknetid?)

imo we better join with ENS, it’s already well established and seemingly more functional for both scalability and ease of building

From my research on ENS, it seems that it has the potential to work on any L2. However, it’s worth considering if there are any teams currently working on implementing this feature. As for the ENS team itself, I haven’t noticed much progress on this front. It’s possible that they are deliberately focusing their efforts on other areas, such as the recently launched StarkNetID. Regardless, exploring the compatibility of ENS with various L2 solutions could offer many benefits for the Ethereum ecosystem, so it would be interesting to see more work on this.

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Great contribution, although I suppose the intention is to strongly support the teams that are taking on the task of building in the Cairo environment (not an easy one). Personally, I would aim to continue supporting native builders.

I think starkid is already sufficient, and I also hope to vigorously promote it. If the cost of starkid can be reduced, it can popularize user ID usage and perhaps replace ens

This is from February, look into this ENS at StarkWare Sessions — ENS

jeez, i periodically active on ens community, how do i missed this, thanks

With the forums since they post topics often and do 3 weekly google meets sometimes things can get lost in the shuffle. I stay tapped in to what Matoken.eth is doing ever since I found out he was the one leading the charge on L2’s integration because arbitrum and optimism are big users of ENS, but I’m more of aware of optimism being the main L2 users fully behind it. I believe we will see L2 resolvers / ENS records being able to be updated on there to avoid ETH gas fees sooner than later, which will trickle down to the other L2’s & blockchains since ENS is crosschain.

Hey, Nethermind delivered an initial version of ENS resolution on Starknet. CCIP implementation for ENS on StarkNet - #9 by FawadHa1der - Integrations - ENS DAO Governance Forum. The project is on pause for the moment until the Cairo 1.0 standard library matures enough to support the effort again. We’re hoping to pick it up again in a few weeks. We’re very open to collaboration on this.

You can play around with it here https://ccip-helper.nethermind.io/!

We were also working with starknet.id to integrate it. We will implement a minimal ENS resolver without and then work on integrating starknet.id. There are some awkward edge cases about the mutability of the ENS name and how that interacts between L1 and L2. Starknet.id has a fundamentally different model to ENS - having other data included with your address resolution is a bit odd for ENS users.

@discobot imo you should have ENS. this is a web we are decentralizing and it’s not a web if they are isolated. Leverage and complement it as much as you can. it’s better for your users if you do. has anyone asked starknet ecosystem lead re i’d they are working on this?

it does seem like lens is working w starknet so that may be why ens seems not active. a guess only.

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i’m not on front end bc apps don’t do it yet

ens record has fields users fill out
that’s metadata

oh okay, ty for insight

It quite interesting in this matter, as it does show recognition from ENS to layer 2. However, I think it should be separated between ENS and Starknet.id. Each has their own place. Integration is great but benefits or recognition should be used or established differently. I am not saying we should leave ENS, but need to find a way for this to work effectively.

The address of starknet is different from the address of Ethereum, so I am curious how to use the address of ENS in starknet? Is starkid compatible with ens?