Questions of a newbie

Hello Starknet world!!!

I am a new member of the community and also a new user of Starknet ecosystem. I would like to ask some questions and if possible through my questions to provide answers to the other incoming new members and make a step by step guide for Starknet.

I’ll start by saying that I am using both Braavos and ArgentX on my laptop. I read on Starkware Medium that I have to upgrade my wallets contacts so that to run Cairo 1.0. It was also written there about the governance and the delegation. Excuse my ignorance but I didn’t understand anything. I am not a tech guy I am just a newbie trying to explore the world of web3 so it would be highly appreciated if someone can guide me.

Another topic that I wanted to mention is the way I use Starknet until now and if there are other ways to interact more. I mostly use Starkswap for minting LAN & BAR tokens, then submitting liquidity or swapping to ETH. I also started recently depositing LAN to Ironfleet. All the above as you understand are in the Testnet. Are there any other apps to interact and be helpful to the ecosystem?

Finally about the Mainet. When I first setup my Braavos wallet I bridged there about 30 usd on ETH that I had available. After trying to find something to interact I didn’t find anything so I started swapping back and forth ETH to USDC. Sadly after a tx I did, I left not enough ETH for gas fees so now I am stacked there :rofl::rofl:
I I’ll solve this soon by bridging ETH but if someone have a suggestion about apps on the Mainet and how much money needed for interactions please let me know.

That’s all from me. Any guidance would be highly appreciated. Thank you :pray:

Hey Michael! I’m a newbie too so I’m in the same boat but here’s what I did to get some use testing the mainnet,

-I bridged about 0.03 ETH to starknet,

Swap 0.015 into different coins (USDC, WBTC, USDT, DAI) $5 dollars at a time

-Deposit each coin into the pool to provide liquidity, (it told me in alpha the maximum it would allow for each coin deposit is $5 but I’m not sure what that was based on or if it changes)

So now you should have about 0.012 ETH left after gas, and 4 coins in the pool earning (minimal) money, you can either leave the deposits in or if you need to withdrawl, you can take the money out of the pool and convert it back into ETH and you’ll end up with about 0.015 after it makes its way bridged back, so you’ll have gotten to play around a bit for a total cost of about 0.015 which isnt too bad.

Jediswap is another good one to make swaps and use the pool. Anyways like I mentioned I am also a newbie so others will likely know alot more but those steps helped me get started so I figured I’d share

hello michael
mintsquare : nft marketplace
10k swap , jediswap , myswap : dex
stark id : 3rd party dapp

Thank you very much for your response. I will follow your instructions.

Thank you very much for your response. I will try to explore all the above mentioned.

Hello Mi
I, like you, am a newbie. Problems happen to anyone. But you have to be patient. Unlike you, I only use ARrgenx wallet to exchange and connect to trade on starnet. Hope everything goes well

You can find interesting eco-projects at this link -
Experiencing them and submitting feedback are both great ways to help the ecology develop.
I hope this helps you.

hi from another newbie hhh. I recommend the starknet eco web
You can find all the projects on or coming to starknet . Personally I like aspect and mint square ,I always buy nfts on them . And I used 10kswap and myswap too . Have fun here !

A lot has been shared above, let me add a recent activity. :point_right: Braavos and StarknetID have launched a campaign to offer free registration for .braavos.stark domain names and Braavos NFT shields. The deadline is the 20th, and you can find more information on Braavos’ official Twitter account