Second (Third, Fourth, …) User Airdrop - Making Starknet Happen

I’m using Argent and Braavos, both give diffexprerience, Argent feels more modern, and Braavos feels more comfortable to safe money in terms of security.

Have you saw this, Eli? As an altvm and native account abstraction, Fuel is able to leverage great wallets like Rabby(.io) to interact with the chain, it could bring more users.

Good read!
Glad this is been talked about.

I am no expert in this, just sharing my thoughts


  • users dont care about the theory or literature review of blockchains.
  • users should be your priority.

To your post
You are sadly missing the point moody is making.
Users using your tech when it was slow and early doesn’t necessarily equate to chasing quick profits there was solana, base, blast, manta etc to chase the quick buck.
I also disagree with your allusion to memecoins except you believe strk is the memecoin.
They was no such opportunity on starknet to make those crazy (10 to 2000)xs.

moody is concerned about user growth, user sentiment and the prevailing narrative which would in turn will hurt the developers you seem to be prioritizing above users.

Saying things like “focus on building” doesn’t help the situation, and can only be akin to building temples without devotees to use them.

Like moody said, users will suffer worse ux for opportunities.

The provisions were flawed, it couldn’t even acknowledge repeated early users of their bridge.

Many users like me have abandoned both argent and braavos wallets despite the account abstraction breakthrough. Think about that!

not an E-beggar.