Some Ideas About Airdrop

  1. Users spent real money to use cross-chain bridges and participate in Odyssey activities of various ecological projects, such as argent, braavos, starkid, etc. Without these interactions, there would be no prosperity of the Stark ecosystem, and there is nothing wrong with airdrops to these users.
  2. The previous proposal mentioned rewarding users who use dydx and imx, and proposed to define early cross-bridge users as witch hunters. We have reason to believe that the people who proposed these proposals were once airdrop hunters of dydx. They interacted with dydx in large quantities and have already I have made a lot of money, and now I want to propose a proposal to eliminate real users to prevent the majority of users from reducing their profits. The early users who used dydx were not users who loved the stark ecosystem, they just wanted to get the dydx airdrop. Rewarding these users who spend money to participate in various ecological activities is not inconsistent with rewarding users who use Starkex products, and is even consistent.

Those who really use STARKnet need to be bridged to L2. Those who had a bad experience in the early days and followed it all the way to now are the real users. The STARKnet we built does not reward its own users, why should we give it to DYDX? Should we let early users waste their efforts to grow with them and then abandon them? Attract other users?

Pretty like the idea to encourage starknet users.The massive airdrop for the first round is always make a great progress to project reputation.It shows the big view of the project and makes people talks for years.Acording to the history of crypto world, the storys of wealth atrracts more people step into blockchain.When people floods in, not only benefit the digger,but always the tool-maker.That is the simple truth.

That’s right - this keeps people talking for years and then they still join the project, especially in a project like Starknet with the brilliant idea of ​​​​reducing the cost of gas through stark tokens. I heard that the last stress test was successful and I hope Starknet will do everything right and reward its users.