[SNIP] Circuit Breakers

This guideline defines a smart contract interface designed for a Circuit Breaker, which initiates a temporary pause on the overall token outflows within a protocol when a predefined metric surpasses a set threshold. The Circuit Breaker is designed without assuming the specific structure of the underlying protocol; its primary function is to act as a conduit for token outflows. To ensure accurate internal accounting for integrated protocols and to offer developers the utmost flexibility, developers can indicate whether the circuit breaker contract should postpone settlement and temporarily hold token outflows during the cooldown period, or if it should reverse attempted outflows.

Using this particular standard any defi protocol can just plug in this onto their contract inorder to enhance their security.

Advantages :

  • Risk Management:

    • The Circuit Breaker provides a mechanism to temporarily halt token outflows when specific predefined metrics are breached. This can be crucial for risk management, allowing DeFi protocols to react swiftly to unexpected events or anomalies.
    • By implementing a Circuit Breaker, protocols can mitigate the impact of potential vulnerabilities or attacks, safeguarding user funds and maintaining the integrity of the overall system.
  • Flexibility for Developers:

    • The ability for developers to specify the behavior of the Circuit Breaker contract provides a high degree of flexibility. This flexibility allows developers to tailor the protocol’s response to different scenarios based on their specific requirements and risk tolerance.
    • Developers can choose whether the Circuit Breaker should delay settlement and temporarily custody outflows during a cooldown period or revert attempted outflows. This customization is valuable for adapting the protocol to changing market conditions.
  • Correct Internal Accounting:

    • Ensuring correct internal accounting for integrated protocols is essential for maintaining the financial health and transparency of a DeFi ecosystem. The Circuit Breaker’s role as a pass-through vehicle for token outflows, while considering internal accounting, helps in providing accurate and reliable financial information.
  • User Confidence:

    • The presence of a Circuit Breaker adds an extra layer of security and risk management, which can enhance user confidence in the DeFi protocol. Users are more likely to trust a system that has mechanisms in place to mitigate risks and protect their assets.
  • Adaptability to Evolving Threats:

    • The decentralized nature of DeFi makes it susceptible to various risks and threats. The Circuit Breaker standard provides a dynamic response mechanism that allows protocols to adapt to evolving threats in the decentralized landscape.

The following implementation of the SNIP can be found at GitHub - Akashneelesh/SNIP7265. Which is still a WIP.

Huge credits to @0xevolve and @Starkience just taking the baton forward.

good proposal
could it be used on Appchain and thoroughly tested.
in the cool down period having a Dao governance vote before cooldown period is removed could be useful .

Hey, thanks. Its still WIP. I’ll let you know ones we reach that face.