Vetting - Integration Starknet to Web3js (plugin)

Hello, we are, a multichain R&D firm (Lodestar, Forest…)
Web3.js is one of the most popular JS libraries for dApp developers with ~2 million NPM downloads per month, and we are the official maintainers of the library since 2020.

What do you think of an integration of Starknet in Web3js v4?

We propose to build a web3.js plugin to support the following RPC methods (at least for the first version) to improve the developer experience and expand Starknet accessibility to more JS/TS developers beyond starknet.js

  • Integrate the following RPC methods in the web3.starknet plugin v1:

  • Account information (getNonce, call)

  • Querying Transactions (getTransactionByBlockIdAndIndex, getTransactionReceipt, getBlockTransactionCount, getTransactionByHash, pendingTransactions)

  • Fee Estimation (estimateFee, estimateMessageFee)

Before getting into a SNIP proposal, it is recommended to get the idea vetted.

What do you think ?

Thank you !