Starknet Mini-version v0.13.1.1

Following the v0.13.1 upgrade, many people criticized the new class declaration fees as being prohibitively high. (See here for my summary of the conversation on the Core Stars TG.)

Overall we think the feedback makes a lot of sense. We also agree the priority is too high to wait until summer for the next planned Starknet version.

Hence we will release a mini-version introducing reduced class declaration fees! The new fees will be discussed with the Builders’ Council before the version is deployed.

Why a new version? Well, fees are now fixed per Starknet version (see versioned constants), to avoid (re)execution discrepancies between full nodes and the sequencer.

Timeline-wise, we aim to release the version in the next week or two. We don’t want to commit on a date now because there are still some discussions to be had about the details with infra teams.

:warning: What should you 🫵🏻 do? Be prepared to upgrade your full node! Both Juno and Pathfinder will release a version that will apply the updated fees for both fee estimations and re-execution.

This concludes the update, although we still have homework (the bullet point from my summary linked above)!