[Proposal] Starknet Alpha v0.13.0

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 Vote

The Starknet Governance Committee is excited to announce the launch of the third vote on Starknet protocol upgrade - Starknet Alpha v0.13.0.

The vote is now live on the Starknet Governance Hub for four days. Delegates will be able to vote any time between January 4th, 2024, 12 PM UTC, and January 8th, 2024, 12 PM UTC. Everyone with voting power (STRK token holders and delegates) is invited to vote on whether to approve this version (Starknet Alpha v0.13.0) for Mainnet deployment. The vote will be conducted via Snapshot and will require a simple majority.

You can find more information about How to vote on the Starknet Governance Hub.

Besides voting, we encourage ALL Starknet community members, even those without voting power, to engage in discussing this version and voice their opinions about the proposed upgrade all community members are welcome to share their feedback on this version upgrade to Mainnet. They can do so in the community Forum post and/or on Snapshot. Just click the vote’s proposal link and take part in navigating the future of Starknet.

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 Information

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 focuses on 2 aspects: It lays the groundwork for a new transaction version, v3, and it will facilitate a significant reduction in transaction fees.

Starknet Alpha v0.13.0 has been deployed on Goerli testnet and Sepolia testnet on December 12th and December 13th, respectively.

Here are the relevant links for Starknet Alpha v0.13.0:

Its great to see some reduction in the transaction fees which will boost the overall activity.
Also, network’s flexibility and adaptability and Increased engagement and transparency in the ecosystem

Yes its very positively impacts on starknet ecosystem. Also reduce transactions cost will blockchain clean and fast.
Great we are all supported.

Cant wait to move to Mainnet. Everything was smooth during the testnet phases and stress tested. Lets show the other L2s what Starknet can do.

It is great to see that this forum is really focused in the most important issues when it comes to blockchain. I really apreciate all the work put on from the team. I support every improvement for gas fee reduction as long as it does not compromise security.

Hi folks! The Builder’s Council has met and decided to vote FOR on the Mainnet upgrade to alpha v 0.13.0, with some remarks regarding how to turn on the payment of transactions in STRK.


  • The Builder’s Council is an assembly of 17 builders selected by the Starknet foundation for their work on the Starknet ecosystem (initial post).
  • The Builder’s Council holds 1.2Bn worth of voting power, representing 23% of the voting of the 1st phase of Starknet governance (link).
  • Voting happens with a single majority vote among the 17 voters, according to the criteria below.

Voting method

  • Each member of the builder votes FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN on the following criteria, then gives a final vote (FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN)
    • Stability: is the upgrade usable and stable enough in terms of usage, documentation and tooling?
    • Features: does this upgrade introduce interesting features that would enable new capabilities on Starknet? Are they sufficiently tested?
    • Security: Does this upgrade provide the sufficient level of reassurance that it will not introduce security risks to the Starknet network?
    • Final vote.

Voting results

  • Stability:
    • FOR: 6
    • ABSTAIN: 11
    • AGAINST:
  • Features:
    • FOR: 12
    • ABSTAIN: 5
    • AGAINST:
  • Security:
    • FOR: 3
    • ABSTAIN: 14
    • AGAINST:
  • Final vote:
    • FOR: 11
    • ABSTAIN: 5
    • AGAINST:


The Builders’ Council is very happy with the extended testing period on integration and testnet for this upgrade. This has provided ample time for infrastructure providers and SDK and library maintainers to upgrade to the latest version and hit the ground running upon mainnet delivery. The release notes which were lacking in the v0.11 and v0.12 upgrades have greatly improved on all the upgraded parts of the stack, which is highly appreciated. Discussions between the Builders’ Council and the stakeholders of this release were anticipated months ago, which helped streamline exchanges of information and increased the confidence level of the Council in this release. The many pragmatic solutions to reduce transactions are greatly anticipated. Consequently, the Council has voted unanimously FOR on the v0.13 upgrade.The Council would appreciate follow-up discussions before turning on V3 transactions and payment in STRK token to better understand the failover mechanisms and systems put in place to monitor the STRK<>ETH oracles function accordingly and will not cause any disturbance to the network, or impact user experience on the network.

Action points

Issue Proposed remediation
The exact details of how the failover mechanisms between Pragma and Switchboard work are not well understood Share with the Builders’ Council the procedures put in place to monitor Pragma’s oracle, and switch over to another provider. A test report would be appreciated.

Thank you very much for your time! And let’s own our alignment :nail_care:

Staknet’s Builder’s Council

voting is closed and proposal is approved without any vote against, just small percentage abstain
continuing our journey to STARK token as fee token

Firstly, we would like to thank @ilia for creating this proposal. Here are some of our insights on Starknet Alpha v0.13.0:

We are witnessing a network upgrade that includes many infrastructural developments, such as fee reduction, paymaster, and volition, which are crucial for Starknet to achieve mass adoption and provide a better experience to end-users. We believe these developments will mark a significant step forward in overcoming potential bottlenecks in Starknet.

Additionally, a 10-15% reduction in fees can be expected due to a 50% decrease in Cairo step/built-in costs and improvements in L1 data availability. Consequently, on-chain transactions are anticipated to increase, further solidifying Starknet’s position in the ecosystem.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, we, the ITU Blockchain Delegation team, have decided to vote ‘FOR’ this proposal.