Starknet Planet For suggestions and feedback

First of all, greetings to all Travelers.

Today I would like to talk to you about a new organization that I have established.

StarkNet Planet

There will be an e-Bulletin with guides for novices and information for curious explorers, where I will briefly share about the StarkNet Ecosystem.

I’m still undecided about sharing, I’m waiting for suggestions and feedback from you on this issue.

Here are the posts I have in mind:

Situation assessment once a month.

Guide for Emerging Projects and Review about the Project

And other than these Starknet updates, what are your suggestions?

In the meantime, broadcasts will continue in Turkish - English for now.

Medium : starknetplanet – Medium
Twitter :


FirstFlood : First Flood


Hello, and thank you for this initiative!
Let us know how we can support it! Cheers,


Buenas tardes :wave: :wave:, no se puede ver el tweet.
¿ :thinking:Siguieron publicando?
:orange_heart: :orange_heart:Gracias por su aporte al ecosistema.