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Hello everyone, builders and fighters for the decentralized future of the world!

We are pleased to present for discussion the creation of content from the community and for the community. This is an important matter, since the presentation of information from place to place is very different and only we can explain to everyone in an accessible language. This is a list of our contributions to the Starknet ecosystem (in Russian). Our offer is to share useful educational resources, both theoretical and technical, in all languages of the world and to share your own presentation and perception features. The community is strength and it’s our common cause to spread the word about Starknet, join us!

Our contribution:
Article by MMS: https://mms.team/starknet-vedushaya-razrabotka-ot-starkware-industries-zkrollups-na-kotorye-delaet-stavku-osnovatel-ethereum-vitalik-buterin/

Video review by MMS: Обзор проекта StarkNet. ZkRollups на которые делает ставку основатель Ethereum Виталик Бутерин. - YouTube

Video testnet: StarkNet | ZkRollups на которые делает ставку основатель Ethereum Vitalik Buterin - YouTube

Blog Translation (RU):

Technical contrinutions:
Node setup guide - Установка ноды STARKNET — Teletype

Some updates

Madara project review (Ru) - https://mms.team/shinobi-iz-derevni-skrytogo-blokchejna-i-ego-tehnika-bystrogo-starkneta-obzor-proekta-madara/