Starknet Social Marketing

I know Starknet is big enough with a high share of market value but why this big network didn’t work on web3 social marketing very well? Community is not everything but will play a big role to raise the project. In my opinion Starknet could do better since 2 years ago to onboard more web3 users to the network

hey Moei,

I think it has to do with the fact that the project is at a certain stage and all the team’s efforts are now focused on optimizing the performance of starknet, and only after the performance is fully open will we enter the marketing phase and attract more users to join us. :pray:

Just like a while ago there was a huge influx of users to starknet, which led to more gas spend and longer time for transaction confirmation.

I think the condition of the network is still not ready yet therefore marketing is just pointless. TPS is awful and fees could still be lowered.

Only by taking care of and improving the convenience of the current users first, can we take one step at a time in a true sense and make steady progress, and it will be like a huge pump when it needs to be promoted

I agree with you that marketing is a must. But it may not be now, because the network performance is not enough to support a large number of users to enter the transaction, and the experimental transaction speed is too slow, and the transaction fee is too expensive.

I think the performance improvement of the starknet network is the first step. First, the experience is done well, and then the promotion and marketing are started.