Starknet what is the most important here?

hey everyone, you can leave here some words your thoughts about an importance of Starknet, main functions, team, your exceptations expectations or actually ask something and our mates will discuss it together with you!go go go

As we all know the most expected futures of a blockchain network are security, scalability and the speed.

Besides these 3 essential futures, We all users expect to pay low gas fees.

StarkNet is in very early stage. Hope the gas fees decreases dramatically in the future when the network is fully functional.

I think the token airdrop rules need to be improved. A good community is composed of the project party and many members who support the community. Decentralization should make the tokens more decentralized initially, instead of only being distributed to the project party, which violates decentralization purpose. So I think that when members use these DAPPs, there should be clear distribution of tokens and airdrops. To make our community more active. The initial member accumulation must be paid attention to, and even snatch other L2 members.

on Starknet, we can make proofs by using math(validity proof), not re-execution(like Ethereum doing). its possible for hyper scalability. and for now, i’ve been paying attention for L3 that devs can build apps more flexible.

for L3 concepts, you can refer to this article below

I feel that the review of community posts is too strict, and often articles or responses are not passed. Failure to pass or provide an appropriate explanation greatly dampens everyone’s enthusiasm for participating in community building

The most important thing is continuous user development. At present, many projects refer to the development model of OP, which can maintain the activeness of users, allow everyone to get rewards, and increase the sense of community experience

I think the strict review of posts in the community can make the content quality of the community’s early development better, and will not cause too many spam posts to cause poor user experience

What is the biggest core advantage of Starknet?

In my opinion, L2 competes to each other, the most scalability, most security, most user friendly (low cost, high efficiency), most developer friendly (tool, engagement, reward) win. Starknet has advantage in Network technique. Afterward, just need to increase its advantage and build up a user & developer friendly environment, i expect Starkent should become top2 L2 in next few years.

everything is clear about expectations) so that everything works quickly and gas costs are small.