Starknet v0.13.0: Support for Fee Payment in STRK, Reduced Transaction Fees

I agree, gas fees above 1 cent are too much for the gaming industry.

This is the right step to take now. The gas fee for the last update was too outrageous for a Solana killer blockchain. We locked in for a better version.

I think that paying fees in STRK could be an excellent solution. especially with a view to reducing costs themselves.
This must be just the beginningโ€ฆ I will definitely take more time to study

Hey there, anyone who well known by community, could open a proposal on forum about voting via argent / braavos accounts/vallets?

According to stark supporting means only mm/eth vallet activation. ฤฐt should be enlarge.


Major proposal for next phase of the starknet roadmap. Nice to see fees reduction and allow users to pay in STRK. I vote for. I old starkex user and nice to see great improvements it the ecosystem!

Very good proposal. Iโ€™ve seen many proposals in my OG crypto life. But this proposal gave me pleasure when i read it. So of course i voting for. Fees reduction - is great. Involving token utility is great. i think this update need much work for devs. So, i need to say: โ€œThank you starknet developers!โ€

Paymaster will allow easy onboarding, especially for SoFi apps. Incredibly bullish.

It will definitely make a difference in the war of L2s!

Wondering, does it mean that in the future, potentially any token could be used to pay gas fees?

If this is true the reduction in transaction costs will be unparalleled.

Exciting updates with StarkNet v0.13.0! The addition of fee payment in STRK and reduced transaction fees is generating a lot of interest. Looking forward to seeing how these enhancements will benefit the StarkNet ecosystem. Keep up the great work!