Voyager release - 25.02.2022

Hello everyone! :wave:
Last Friday we had a release of a new version of Voyager which included the following:

:white_check_mark: Read functions with ArgentX - so far it was only possible to use write functions with ArgentX. Now we have extended this functionality and made it possible to use the read functions in the same way.
:white_check_mark: When parsing transaction data according to the ArgentX convention:

  • List item Function name visible.
  • List item Possibility to convert each parameter separately.

:white_check_mark: Supporting contract verification with multiple source files - now it is possible to verify the contract by importing multiple source files.
:white_check_mark: Added redirection from not verified contracts to verification page.
:white_check_mark: Added an information on read/write functions when the contract is not verified.
:white_check_mark: Added error reason on rejected transactions.

The changes are available on both goerli and mainnet.
We appreciate any feedback on your experience with Voyager!
Voyager Team. :star2:

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