Voyager release - pending block

Hello Voyagers!

We have some news to share. Following the recent Cairo v.0.6.2 announcement, we can share that a new version of Voyager is available on Goerli

It will be also soon available on Mainnet.


:white_check_mark: Pending block: Mainnet blocks are closed at a 2h rate, this means that once a new pending block is seen on Voyager, it will take at least 2h until something new can be displayed again. With this advancement, Voyager can present also transactions from a block being built.

:white_check_mark: Hexadecimal values supported in the read and write contract calls: The user can now provide input data to the read and write contract functions in two forms: decimal and hexadecimal (0x prefix). It is available for simple numeric fields. Implementation in array arguments will follow.

:white_check_mark: Minor UI improvements

Issues fixed

:white_check_mark: Redirection to prod even for the transaction made on Goerli (contract function)

:white_check_mark: Double contract source code displayed

:white_check_mark: Wrong message hash calculating

Looking forward to your feedback!
Voyager Team