What is StarkNet? Is it in production yet?

StarkNet is a general-purpose system, where you can write and deploy your own contracts, interact with other contracts, and so on, just like Ethereum. It will be secured by Ethereum Mainnet.
See https://starkware.co/product/starknet/

A testnet for StarkNet is currently running on Goerli.

Starknet Alpha will deployed on mainnet in November 2021. Stay tuned for further anouncements.


StarkNet Alpha has been updated to Alpha 3. The new addresses can be found here:
Using alpha with the cli now points to the updated url. We’ve also updated (see the new constructors here - Constructors — Cairo documentation) and changed a bit the documentation - the first tutorial now is “Hello, StarkNet”. We hope it will reduce the confusion between StarkNet contracts and Cairo programs. voyager.online will soon also show StarkNet Alpha 3 state. (will be updated once the transition is complete)

Last stop before mainnet :partying_face: !
StarkNet Alpha has been updated to Alpha 4 (together with version 0.6.0 of the cairo-lang package)
StarkNet :

  • Replace block id with block hash (not verified by the OS yet)
  • Add constructor arguments to the computation of the contract’s address
  • Add get_transaction_receipt command to the starknet CLI * New system calls:
  • get_contract_address - returns the address of the current contract (Calling another contract — Cairo documentation)
  • get_sequencer_address - this may be used in the future for paying fees
  • delegate_call - partial support

Cairo :

In a few days, we’re going to remove the alpha3 environment. If you haven’t done so, please upgrade cairo-lang to v0.6.0 and move your contracts to alpha4.

Announcement: StarkNet Alpha 4 Release. StarkNet Mainnet Release Candidate… | by StarkWare | StarkWare | Nov, 2021 | Medium