StarkNet Monthly Update February

Hi all, trying a new thing here - a monthly update on StarkNet’s development. The goal is to give a monthly insight into upcoming versions and releases.

StarkNet Alpha versions

  • V0.7.1 - released two weeks ago on Goerli testnet and last week on Mainnet. Seems to be working smoothly so far.

  • V0.8.0 - planned to be released on Goerli in mid-march. Main features: Fee mechanism and Sequencer performance improvements! The fee mechanism in this version won’t be enforced to allow users and devs a transition period. What does it mean that it won’t be enforced? It means that the Sequencer will also accept transactions that will not pay fees.

  • V0.9.0 -

    • What? This version will include the first version of parallel execution in the Sequencer and a rework of the deployment mechanism to allow contract factories and taking fees on contract deployment. We are also aiming to add a few other small features like a syscall to enable getting historical block hash and quality of life changes to the JS devs.
    • Why? As we shared on our roadmap, the main focus is performance, which is why the main feature is parallelization. Contract deployment is important as the change might affect how users and dapps interact with StarkNet, it will prevent a DoS vector on the network, and it will add an important and requested feature.
    • When? We are aiming for one month after v0.8.0 is released on Mainnet. Tentative, of course :slight_smile:

Here is a good place to remind you all that we have a public (tentative) roadmap, which is updated there.

Bridge Release Plans

Following the release of v0.8.0 we plan to publish StarkGate, an ETH/ERC20 token bridge, and make it available for users. First on Goerli, and if things go well, also on Mainnet.

As we are in the Alpha stage, the StarkGate on Mainnet will have limitations on the TVL and the maximum amount for transfer. We hope to increase the allowed amount over time, and eventually remove these limitations as the system matures.

That’s it for this update. I would love to elaborate on any of the items above and to hear what else might be interesting to include in those updates.


I guess the fees will be paid in ETH…is someone working for a goerli faucet on starknet side?


Yes the fees will be paid in ETH, and yes we are working on a Goerli Faucet on StarkNet side.


Appreciate the update! Curious if there’s more information available about the fee mechanism that I could read up on.


Is it possible to make kinda pin topic here ? perhaps it will be usefull to have monthly update pinned


If the bridge for mainnet is to be published soon, does it mean there will be no state reset after that?


Will do, thanks for the suggestion.


No, it is unrelated.

We know the issue of state reset is a concern and we plan to clarify our plans with regards to it in the coming weeks.

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