Zero-Knowledge Proof with SNARKNET


I am doing my dissertation. It is centered on using SNARKNET as a platform to improve privacy in a blockchain e-voting system using ZKP. I have read about SNARKNET and understand that it incorporates ZKP. In practical wise, can it give me what i want? Your kind suggestions are highly welcome.

The main purpose of the Starknet project as a smart contract platform is to improve concurrency and save Ethereum gas by roll-up transactions.
Privacy is not its main function.
In my opinion, maybe you can choose Aleo or Aztec project as your first solution if you want privacy.

Ok. Thanks. Have you used any of the systems? I really need help.

Not yet, they are still in an early phase. But you can write some simple smart contract and deploy it in Aleo network now

I am agree with what gary says, privacy is not the main purpose for Starknet even if ZKP offer that. I think projet like NYM protocol are more focused on privacy and it’s different application.