Add #content/#contributor channel to Starknet Discord Server

Hello to All Starkians. :heart_hands:
As our Starknet community is growing in a fast way, I’m pretty sure that we have a lot of both amataur and professional contributors/users here, in Discord Server. I also noticed Ambassador program proposal here, in the forum, which means more and more people want to get involved in Starknet ecosystem’s development.

So my point is to Add #Content or #Contributor channel to Starknet’s Discord server.

Why do we need that?

Usually, when people share some content in the specified channels, they want to show/demonstrate their community commitment. This content will help to share Starknet’s vision all around the Web3.

People can share related Threads/Articles/Guides/YouTube content into that channel.

How it will help?

  1. It will attract more attention to the Starknet
  2. We can sort out/find out decent contributors
  3. Community will grow for sure


  1. Contributors can be kinda volunteers, without any promised incentives (or maybe get a chance to share future’s airdrop)
  2. Can incentivised by Contributor role, or maybe Content maker role.
  • Yes, I’m in
  • Not really needed

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