Ambasador program proposal

Hey there!
Here I would like to introduce proposal regarding Ambasador Program.
Lets think together how we can promote our community, create any activities for engagment of users to our product.
All we see how other project making noise in web space, so I assume such an ambissious project like Starknet must thunder from all angles.
The first and easy point get an local ambasadors, create profiles on Guild and Galxy with some thoughtful structure of quests and roles and share this in Social Media.
Only these completed steps will attract additional attention to the project. And how many things we can create if community will support us in our endeavors. What do you think?


Hello! I completely agree with your proposal. Creating an Ambassador Program can be a great way to increase engagement and build a community around a project like Starknet. By having ambassadors in different regions, you can create a more localized experience for users and build a stronger presence in those areas.

Having well-structured quests and roles on platforms like Guild and Galaxy can also be an excellent way to engage users and provide them with a sense of accomplishment and progression. Sharing these activities and profiles on social media can also help to increase visibility and attract new users to the project.

A strong community can be invaluable for future endeavors and projects, as members can provide valuable feedback and support. Maintaining an Ambassador Program will require effort and resources, but it can be a powerful tool for community building and promotion.

Overall, I think your proposal is an excellent idea, and I’m excited to see how it will develop in the future.


Maybe doing a collab with layer3 which is a similar “quest to earn” website could bring more eyes over to starknet


We need to wait for network upgrades to improve performance. Currently, it is difficult to use.


Now there are fewer projects on the chain, and it is difficult to attract users to use it


Agree,And further questions :
What specific steps is your proposed Ambassador Program taking to ensure that the local ambassadors are well-equipped to effectively promote the StarkNet community and product? How will you measure the success of the program in terms of user engagement, community growth, and overall impact? Additionally, what incentives or rewards will be provided to the ambassadors for their efforts and contributions?


Thanks for responding and quastions.
The following steps are expected to motivate ambassadors:

  1. possibilities to communicate with team and take a part of development of project
  2. get information first reagrding announcements and news of project
  3. rewards in form of airdrop or any another form
    Metrics which can us tell about progress and efficiency of program:
  4. increasing activities in blockchain
  5. increase in the number of platform users
  6. increase in the number of members of the discord community
    It can be something like that.

This is an ideal program for marketing, the face to various local communities in different continents.
Why do we need ambassadors?
For Starknet to reach its true potential, we need the community involved. As the proverb says, “if you want to move fast, move alone. If you want to go far, move together”.
The Starknet community is full of incredibly intelligent, creative, driven individuals, who are not
afraid to show initiative. The Starknet community is the most valuable resource we have, and together we will go far.
The Ambassador program is for those working to further the interests of the Starknet. The Starknet team have set goals just like there was the Eth merge and it is the community that can help
to get there.
Do you have yet the proposed Ambassador Working Groups in place yet?
Proposed structures and stages/levels in the program?
For more about designing this program and more benefits iam at disposal


I think the improvement of technology is the cornerstone, marketing work needs to be built on this foundation, I don’t think it is suitable for large-scale marketing at present

I think an Ambassador program would be a great way to gain exposure and help improve the technology of the product at the same time. You could make chain-specific tasks for new users (ex. bridging, providing small amounts of liquidity) and get the best of both worlds, increasing the user base and viably testing the network at the same time

The idea is excellent! I am currently a Braavos Ambassador in Brazil and I believe that the Ambassador program is the most efficient way to bring new users to the network.

I’m also surprised why a project like this still doesn’t have an active ambassador campaign. This is a great opportunity both for ordinary users to discover all their talents and for the project to expand the community and spread knowledge about the project.

I like guild , it’s the best when we talk about community managing

A bit surprised to know that we don’t have ambassador campaign, but also excited to know that still have chance to participate in ambassador campaign. If you are fully support or devoted in a community, you will definitely would like to become an ambassador and voice for community. Also this can gather more talented people onboard and would have more diversified future development, so I would like to see the campaign.

Ambasador Program is definitely a good idea!

Also I will add some “status” gain for the ambassadors and exclusive benefits. How about to have more points on the airdrop also?

I am convinced that an Ambassador Program holds the ability to reach areas beyond the scope of developers. Nevertheless, the selection of ambassadors must adhere to specific qualifications and criteria. I have noticed that ambassadors in various projects frequently become mere symbolic figures, failing to fulfill their intended roles and functions.

I expect the Foundation will likely put together the first proposal for any Ambassador program in the future. All in good time