Argent X and Bravos Wallet

Hello everyone !
I am interested in the following question : why are the wallet addresses different when importing the Bravos Wallet wallet using a secret phrase to the Argent X wallet ?


I’m curious about the same thing. Since we can’t import each other, we can’t match when using the testnet.


I tried export my Bravoos Wallet to Argent X wallet after i saw your post. I’m in same situation with yours, it’s weird or we both are missing something :roll_eyes:


Sorry,as far as I know it’s not yet possible to use argent x or braavos wallet seed phrases to recover the address in another wallet, please don’t do that.
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Possibly as wallets are smart contracts they are not inter-connectable between wallet providers as each one creates its own address.

But yeah, seems like a disadvantage for UX.


For argent, a year ago you would have been more interested because the key could be used to find different addresses, which was very confusing. I’m not sure if it has been fixed now.

There is no private key in the mobile phone web version of the wallet, but the computer web version of the wallet can view the private key, which is a bit embarrassing and the operation is very tasteless.

I personally think that the mobile version of Argent wallet is very user-friendly, but the desktop extension program of Argent has many bugs and the experience makes me feel very bad.

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I did this just now, thinking about using argentx, but the result was different after importing, so I gave up, and continued to use my braavos, which is also very smooth, and I saw your post without thinking. . .


My Argent X wallet has 2 wallet addresses. one for testnet and one for mainnet. they are different. I’m not understanding why.

I have the same addresses in Argent X in the test network and in the mainet ! it’s strange that you have them different

The mnemonics for wallets do not intercommunicate.Is the problem of the developer, or the problem of the network?

For more information on this issue, please check the response from the argent x team: on Starknet it is normal to have different addresses on testnet and mainnet if they were created at different times - with different contracts and different implementation.
Also, this is related to Starknet support for account abstraction, if you want to go deeper into it, please check out this article: Account Abstraction - Starknet

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Braavos: Braavos Wallet on StarkNet
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You shouldn’t import one wallet to another wallet. That can cause that you cannot upgrade your wallet.

From my limited undemanding, smart contract wallet(bravos/ArgentX) does not work as erc20 wallet(MM/WalletConnect). Wallet address are generated by following the path depending on seed phrases provided which could varies from wallet to wallet, MM/Rainbow follow same path so you could just take the seed phrases and use it interchangeably but a wallet having different path(steak wallet for example) could give you totally different address for the same seed phrases.

Frankly speaking, neither Bravos nor Argent X wallets are very easy to use, connection is very difficult, and often fails. The experience is really bad, and I hope it can be improved quickly.

I did not fully understand your question. Are you talking about importing Braavos wallet words into ArgentX? If so, wouldn’t this be a problem in terms of wallet usage?

That problem should be fixed soon. I want to use both of the wallets but it is not possible. It affects people’s usage of the ecosystem. I haven’t met any other ecosystem that has different contracts.

@ronger I totally agree, especially when you consider the fact that the wallets need to be activated by paying a fee for the first transaction, I really want to believe that over time ArgentX and Braavos will find a solution to this issue, because too much complexity scares people away from WEB 2.0 (We already went through this in Polkadot)

This is due to the mechanism of the abstract account.
As a developer, I can understand that.
But as a normal user, I think it’s really a bad experience, and I hope a complete solution will come out afterwards