Argent X and Bravos Wallet

I quite agree with you. After a trial run, I really feel that these two wallets are not very easy to use. Slow, cumbersome, and troublesome. It may be bearable for old users, but it will be a great challenge for newcomers.

I also tried to use Argent X’s secret language to import to Bravos Wallet for an experience, but it really failed to import successfully. The experience that wallets of the same ecology cannot import each other is really bad. :zipper_mouth_face:

@ronger Yes, it is indeed necessary to improve the user experience of these two wallets faster at present. This is the ecological entrance, and the current experience will affect the use of users in the entire ecosystem.

I agree and it’s kind of confusing at the moment. Argent Mobile is only for ZK Sync Lite / Era. Do you know when Argent X mobile for Starknet will be launched by any chance? Or better ask the Argent team themselves?

i agree. its kinda complicated atm

Thanks for the information

yes, the recover key of braavos wallet and argent X wallet are not compatible,you should backup independently.

I have completed the testing of alpharoad and used an agentx wallet, which feels very smooth. Alpharoad is good, and agentx is also good. Next time, I plan to give Braavos a try and see which wallet is more useful.

damn i just did it before reading this :scream:
How do I “fix” this?
this means that my private key is used twice but in 1 of the wallets everything is empty
how Argent x could “accept” the import of my braavos seed if it does not recover the account ?
and above all what do you advise me to do now? I don’t want to lose my tokens and all my transactions made on braavos


Ser, please don’t worry, if you have already done so, your funds are safe, just need to transfer the funds from the original account (which is no longer available) to the newly created account, and if you need further assistance, please join the corresponding wallet community:
Argent X: Argent
Braavos: Braavos Wallet on StarkNet
thank you.

Thanks for your feedback. I wanna keep my braavos account, why “no longer available” ?

Sorry ser, for further support, please join the braavos community, thank you

agree on that. it’s so confused. and the user experiences are not so good.
hopefully we will see the new product (or they can upgrade something) in the near future.

I have experienced both wallets,

They each have their drawbacks: the Argent X wallet is mainly a bit laggy.

In addition, I did not find an interface where I can view transaction records in Bravos Wallet, which is very inconvenient

Their mnemonics are not common because they use different algorithms to generate private keys. In fact, they can share the algorithm of mnemonic words. I hope they can be updated through later versions, and their mnemonic words can be compatible with each other.

I don’t think using different wallets with the same set of secret phrase but differet address is a good idea for a chain. I doubt in a long run, it will help the user experience and the ecosystem of a chain to develop strongly. Isn’t there anyway to set a standard of the chain for the wallet and unify the address and secret phrase set?

The wallet addresses are different when importing the Bravos Wallet using a secret phrase to the Argent X wallet because each wallet implements its own unique algorithm for generating addresses. Wallets use a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet structure, where a master key or seed phrase is used to derive multiple private keys and corresponding addresses. While both wallets adhere to the same industry standards, they may use different derivation paths or algorithms, resulting in distinct addresses being generated. Therefore, when importing a wallet using a secret phrase, it is expected to see different addresses in different wallet applications.