Don't eliminate real users to catch sybil

Hey everyone! I would like to clarify one point and please let me know your opinion.

First of all let me tell you that I am not a airdrop hunter with multiple wallets, but when I tell you the situation I am in, it can be considered an airdrop hunter with a multiple wallets (hopefully not :slight_smile: )

I am a person who would likes to try new things, and I am a blockchain and NFT enthusiast.

6 months ago, I installed an argent wallet in my old computer, and did some transactions such as minting a starknet ID. Then I bought a new laptop, and installed the argent wallet, but while installing the argent wallet, I didnt realise it was a new address and I started to use it. A couple of months later I saw there is another wallet called Braavos, so I installed it too.

Long story short, as can be understood I sent $ETH from 1 metamask address to 3 different starknet wallets. I don’t use argent wallets, and I only use Braavos wallet, because i liked it more.

So now, if there will be an airdrop, Would I be considered an airdrop hunter with multiple wallets because I sent funds from 1 metamask to 3 different starknet wallets?

I really would like to know what you think?

It might be, but not 100%.
For example if u only use 1 Argent and 1 Braavos, it won’t considere as sybil for sure.
It’s the same if user used Arbitrum on TallyHo and Metamask with the same IP address. As long as u aren’t creating more and more wallets to your IP address, and connecting them with 1 MM wallet, you won’t be considered as a Sybil.
But better not try your luck, just use one, at least two. no more.

I don’t think using IP detection is a good method. For example, some countries have firewalls and people have to use proxies to access the internet. Using IP detection will harm many innocent people. I think the most important thing is to combat bots that have hundreds or thousands of automated accounts!

You’re not a airdrop hunter, but you act the same as an airdrop hunter

Having one or two or even more wallets is a common occurrence. Meanwhile, multiple wallets are beneficial for diversifying funds and protecting account security. It is natural for different wallets to interact with each other. As for whether it is a hunter account, it can only be handed over to the project party for confirmation.

Yes, that’s right. Having many wallets in security and diversifying purpose is one thing, but using all those wallets to grind is another.
So I think if user won’t use all of those wallets to grind the ecosystem it will be ok.

I have a question, is it beneficial or unfavorable for starknet to participate in testing with two or three different wallets?

Check my message HERE please. I answered above.

So, the ultimate thought of your question is that you are afraid of losing the airdrop by the witch :thinking:

I really hope no any project will check the IP ,otherwise for people for have to use VPN is an disaster

Protocols are actually checking, their system/bot etc. but yeah, they can track IP + cookie/cash files.

Not sure if this post can help in this situation, but there are probably more than one criteria for one to fall under Sybil category though.

Translate the following into English: This kind of situation is very common, such as during the DeFi summer of 2021, when I participated in many DeFi projects. However, the code for many projects couldn’t be audited in time. There were also a lot of hackers at that time, so in order to diversify the risk, whenever I used a new DeFi that I didn’t think was very safe but still wanted to try, I would create a brand new address and transfer funds to the new address for testing, in order to avoid code risks. As a result, I ended up with more than 10 addresses. I think this kind of situation is quite common, as long as the number of associated addresses isn’t too many, like not more than 20, and these addresses don’t have highly consistent behavior in the long term for many times, it’s all very normal operation. I’m not sure if my answer is correct, what do you think?

When the criteria for airdrop are defined, of course they exclude real people, so you can be excluded.
It seems to me that we need to focus on technology, while as a user I do not understand the advantages of starknet over arb, op. Transactions are confirmed for a long time, the commission is high

I agree that have some wallets, maybe two, for safety is normal. I sure that true users have and will have that wallets. We every day have contact with different dApps and some of them can be scam. Nobody want lose assets. It is crypto world. There can be anything. We need to find true users, which really help community

I would like to clarify that it would be very reasonable to deploy with KYC verification in the last step. Thus, I think the distribution cannot be made more than once to a single person.

basically anything related with money incentivised, it’s how the world works

i’ve really no opinion though, but as i always say, the best method to filter out is wallet age that’s based on mainnet activity - it must be over 300 or 500 days since the first activity (it still has its cons for sure)

I thought about my case clearly, and I ended up the idea that it was totally normal to fund 3 different starknet wallet from 1 mainnet wallet such as metamask.

There are some example cases:

1- I use 3 different wallets for security; 1 main, 1 for daily use, 1 for risky connections.
2- My wallets are hacked and I created the 3rd one.
3- I lost my seed pasword, then I created other wallets.
4- My brother/wife/mother/friend do not have a CEX account, so I send crypto assets to them to use on DEXs or L2.
5- People know my wallet address and track the transactions, so I created new ones to remain in the shadows.
6- You may add more, please add more :slight_smile:

There is no perfect solution. Two things that come to mind coupled with basic anti-sybil mechanisms:

  1. filter out most egregious offenders (more than 30/50 wallets with exact same transaction history/time/patterns, this will greatly discourage them as the risk will be much higher.
  2. Weighting more towards transaction values as airdrop farmers will hardly be able to fund large amount of money in many wallets and pass the anti-sybil checks.

I think multiple rounds of air drops are more suitable. Kyc cannot guarantee absolute real users. Many people will purchase KYC, but this plan can also filter out some untrue users