Delegate Profile Thread


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x5932A9AC6511284F20Cfaf200a494E575e2Df3Ce
  • Address StarkNet: 0x00b224fceaa3f3af4cca4c83093a31bc9978b005fdd5d911fc182a810a46e6f7
  • Twitter handle: @7tzZvbqcqwXDKWe


I have been involved in the development of the Starknet ecosystem for a long time. Started with nodes a year ago. Continuing to test products in the mainnet. I also want to keep learning Starknet. By experience, I participated in Aptos, Straknet nodes

I promise prompt and balanced decision-making based on the interests of StarkNet

hate - Delegate Profile


  • Address Ethereum Mainnet: 0xcCcf5Ab142A75BB0ec96f534EC5a62a07943A388

  • Address StarkNet Mainnet: 0x027e0e4c49b3c53e94b9a893851adc29ea32a61d9cad2beb00e8494bba38949f

  • Twitter: @Scvidi99

Why should I be a delegate

Hello everyone, my name is Eduard, I am a crypto enthusiast, I test various L1 and L2, and many other projects, I am also a StarkNet tester in the main and test networks, I hope to be among the delegates.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xc99f63B98a5131B19bFF684471A2968a366726ba
    StarkNet address: 0x044f10438009271aF2bc03864A2995e8967221f510A00EB9b17a41B029766163
  • ENS: amashura.eth
  • Twitter handle: @MashuraArtem

Hello! My name is Artem, I’m from Ukraine, I have been in crypto for over two years. I invest, install nodes, participate in testnets, ambassador programs, trade NFT. I cover almost all aspects of the crypto universe. I will be glad to be a participant and delegator of your project. I have install node of your project ~ a year ago.

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  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x2FAA3fB37c30140933521D71e0F3aae6917B9b7f
  • StarkNet address: 0x02499071DB20b581F9866f8D8F0459fA36E00cac52D0B0691b750b1Ef2ed8d9f
  • ENS name (optional): wraack.eth
  • Twitter handle (optional): @JeanetteFarrell

why me?
From the very beginning, I keep the starknet node. And that’s it. Thank you

Saurois - Delegate Profile

  • Address Ethereum Mainnet: 0x06b2D84b6ac9D5FE319A77B9132d34B30276E6c5
  • Address StarkNet Mainnet: 0x067d8992af959cc4c2902dbff6a2b4ca8fd2f2ae4631a7af0fe24d7fb4772b13
    *Twitter @Saurois

Hello Sirs!
My name is Rais, I am a node operator, tester and content creator in various blockchain projects.
I am mostly interested in different L2-solutions of Ethereum and other projects

My native language is Tatar, Russian and English, a little Turkish.

I have got a huge experiense in ambassador programs and testnets like:

  1. Aleo (testnet, ambassador)
  2. Aptos (testnet, devnet)
  3. Sui (testnet, devnet)
  4. Shardeum (testnet, devnet)
  5. Moonbeam (testnet, ambassador)
  6. Ironfish (testnet)
  7. Mina protocol (prysm grant, testnet)
  8. Zeitgeist (testnet, ambassador)
  9. ZKsync - ZK star role and many other different projects.

I want to be a part of delegation program on StarkNet, and want to share with my experience and also get ne experience to understand more features on Starknet.

My skills and areas of expertise:



ITU Blockchain Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xBEC643BD5b7F5e9190617CA4187ef0455950C51C
  • StarkNet Address: 0x040a6390eC61e9872e119Af2a926516D0562867e21db2af90700E4f2eb36dFEF
  • Github : itublockchain
  • ENS: itublockchain.eth
  • Twitter handle: @ITUBlockchain
  • Any relevant links/Websites:


Greetings! The ITU Blockchain was established in 2018 at Istanbul Technical University as the first university blockchain society in Turkey. It was founded by a group of students who shared a keen interest in blockchain technology and aimed to promote awareness about blockchain and create an environment conducive to skill development.

Since then, we have grown substantially, reaching a global audience with our content and achieving international recognition. With thousands of members, we have extended beyond the boundaries of the university campus and our home country.

A significant number of our team members have been engaged in using and testing StarkNet and various applications under development for a considerable period. Many of them also contributed to the establishment of StarkNet Turkey. Furthermore, we have actively participated in developing projects on StarkNet, leveraging the knowledge and experience gained from these tasks.

Why should we be a delegate?

As experienced blockchain enthusiasts, we have gained valuable insights and expertise through our five-year journey, active participation in competitions, and organization of numerous events and meetings. We understand the benefits that effective delegation can bring to users, and we are eager to provide assistance to those who require support in maximizing their voting power. We are also committed to contributing to the decentralization of StarkNet.

To ensure effective decision-making, we have established a dedicated team within our community, who will regularly monitor the StarkNet governance forums and communicate with the rest of the community regarding upcoming voting requirements. Once accepted as a delegation, we will hold meetings to discuss governance voting and gather community feedback. Ultimately, we will cast our vote based on the collective decision of our community. We are confident that our experience and commitment make us well-suited to represent the interests of StarkNet users and contribute to its success.

Conflicts of Interest

We have team members actively involved in StarkNet Turkey, but this will lead to positive results.

Requests for Delegators?

You can always reach us during the process. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via direct message, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for considering our application!


Introduction Address: 0x7392485FFe9F6f9E6f10cCa445474F1124792c9B Starknet 0x048b9c6CBCc458Ec101d20AEeBCcB429BC363b3D0d319819F535939A6A2E4a95 Twitter: @Oleksan92616470
Hello everybody! My name is Oleksandr, I’m from Ukraine , currently I’m construction worker, but I’m advanced crypto currency’s user, I’m interesting in blockchain and crypto since 2017. I’m advanced nodes runner, have already run Starknet node in Devnet, And also Tested Starknet ecosystem! I want to help this project to become really decentralise blockchain !

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Dmit - Delegate Profile

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xF2212E96e303EE2255C27D3Aa92d5975b4a31c5B
  • StarkNet address: 0x046209352f41e442a98e73c2854cae79730863f21652d675c433b9e97500c0fb
  • ENS name: dmit38.eth
  • Starknet name: lasape.braavos.stark
  • Twitter handle: @Dmit38rus
  • Telegram: @dmit38

I am an early member of the Starknet ecosystem.
I’ve tested many of projects that build on it.

I want to contribute. Starknet decentralization and become a validator because I have all the necessary skills and experience.

In my opinion, it would be beneficial to establish distinct levels of membership that assign varying degrees of voting power.
This would be particularly valuable in situations where specific proposals necessitate expertise that the majority of members may not possess, and in such instances, those with a technical background should carry more weight in the voting process.

Developer, Node Operator (many nodes in past)

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Address eth mainet: 0xbaB4251725c9B4DFe3e13BC921ddF927c020b01c
ArgentX Mainnet :
Twitter: @ArbuzowMustafa
Discord: MUSTAFA55#8470

I want to be some parts of great project like StarkNet.

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(disclaimer: im on mobile at the dentist and some weird dhde keeps trying to talk to me so im doing this to look busy plus i need to do it anyways)

  • Please provide your past experience and contributions to the StarkNet ecosystem.

I used the IMX bridge forever ago a couple times

  • Why do you want to be a delegate? How do you plan to fulfill this role?

I don’t like the direction crypto is going currently and I know a lot of people share the same views as I do. I would love the opportunity to make a difference. (If you don’t vote, you cant complain as the saying goes)

  • Please list and explain the core values that will guide your decision-making.

I will always vote in favor of keeping things simple, secure, and decentralized. Value for the people, fairness for all.

  • Please provide your past experience in DAO governance.

I voted once or twice on that website they got for doing the voting you know whats it called uhhh snapshot yea thats the one

  • Please provide your skills and areas of expertise.

I’m a blockchain security researcher/engineer working for a large org that doesnt share the same views as I/we/(some of) us do, so I choose to stay anonymous.

  • Why should someone delegate to you? Anything token-holders should know about you?

I dont think anyone should delegate to me, they should be able to make their voices heard without trusting a third party but I dont make the rules. Ideally they instead apply as delegates I guess.

  • Please provide any potential conflicts of interest with your participation in StarkNet governance as a delegate.


Thanks for your consideration.

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My name is Richard. I am studying blockchain technology and development (Ptython). I can be very helpful for the project. My native language is English and Portugal.
Ethereum adress: 0xA4A7618aDB34D728291D862351E7d3065dc8352b
StarkNet adress: 0x065365f8421AF1E28b6F12E62cBbe5403E77979e45C19C3e6b4e14723428366C
Twitter: @Kelli77593733

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  • Address: 0x75851585fCb35851B83AD4713Bb449Ee16E3EAaE
  • StarkNet address: 0x02c548aa5bba9529d91440e781d8a7d25498361168d8a96ee5a6aedeaed571bc
  • Twitter: @karpov_ad1
  • Github: quantum52 (Anatolii Karpov) · GitHub


Hello! I am Anatolii Karpov, and as a dedicated member of the StarkNet community, I am excited to be considered as a delegate.

As a delegate, I will prioritize decentralization, security, and ecosystem growth. I believe in the importance of transparency and accessibility, and as a delegate, I will be committed to being an active and engaged member of the community and to aiding in StarkNet’s evolution into the premier, decentralized zk-rollup on Ethereum.

Requests for Delegators

Ypu can reach me at quantum#8529 on Discord or on Telegram.



  • Address: 0x31dc3cd42FcefA2617BCe1355D7C1d2C2bbC1098
  • ENS: kisskiss0x.eth
  • Twitter: @BndVladimir

Hey everyone!
I have been writing and learning about ZK technology as a hobby for a 3 years and curious to see what the governance for a major rollup feels like. Wish I could offer you some grand statement, but it’s just curiosity at this point.

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  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x2EB48A44097d88adBc6f08BF933e07B664aBd008
  • StarkNet address: 0x077d3b8df0d26edabc2e171f5a64ecf9fd455075c0fbe9ac439ae3b79ee77a02
  • Twitter handle: @irik555nn


Hello everyone!
I am an active StarkNet ecosystem user and node runner. I’ve been using StarkNet network from early stages in testnet almost a year now. For me it’s really a pleasure to see such opportunity to get involved in project through governance and contribute even more.

I want to see “web3’’ continue to be something really transformative and not just fade into legacy traps because of greed and centralization easy mode. I really appreciate how Starknet is using technology for positive social impact, putting purpose and not just profit front and center and fostering public goods development for the long term benefit of everyone. This is refreshing and equally reassuring at this point in the crypto adoption cycle.

My core values are Consistency, Sustainability and Long-term orientation as I see StarkNet as a big part of Ethereum and whole crypto space ecosystem.

I view myself as a part of daily users of StarkNet and want to be a representative of such users as me participating in governance.

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest as a future delegate.

For future Delegators feel free to contact me any time on my telegram @irik555nn

Thank you for your time


Hello! My name is Anthony. I am a StarkNet fan and would like to become a delegate.
My skills: creating resources for brand promotion and awareness. Internet marketing, trading.
Ambassador: Moonbeam, FireFly, SupraOracles, Solcial. Node operator in this projects (Aleo, Aptos, Massa, Minima, BitCountry, Forta, KYVE, IronFish, Moonbeam​, FireFly, SupraOracles, Celestia).
Ethereum: 0x1bC2f5553a2d35386531FC1b1b6253F893f49365
StarkNet: 0x06A0a63Eb10B7b10874d398dCC61E1F83B0e55EDe4b672F06dbe6A0adff1a7c1
Twitter: @Anthony_yoyo1

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ETH: 0xE017D623549A16488d3710C2426e02b84d52C8f2
Argent: 0x02bc89085cAE93A89CD0d148489616ac317c18F47CAAFF59Ca024E393A2B36E3
Twitter: @imshelest

I have been involved in the life of the project since it began, and I would very much like to continue to help you and be a part of the project. I already have experience in this field and I think I’m perfect for you.

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  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x40aAC3eb7a0F07c0e85b1b8842b1b94573B470df
  • StarkNet address: 0x02E257Fe2B3DE4EBf7cDd7989c5CB9F772d69D27605bD5640d5Ac2db96C5744B
  • ENS name (optional): alexhomyak.eth

I create new decentralized applications, develop tools for working with StarkNet, test and analyze smart contracts, participate in the StarkNet community, conduct research, etc. I plan to continue to contribute to the StarkNet ecosystem, improving it and promoting the development of decentralized applications based on this platform.


Address ERC20: 0x9d5D82d794d31953bA46ac7bB88F144f9fEd3147

Adress StarkNet: 0x03CA0e1EF784b7e972E686392aD540fF35fe6671466D76848422B6a554268a12


Twitter: @Tibs52742210


Hello everyone,

I am Tibby an cryptoenthusiast and blockchain tester/validator with experience in various projects like Aptos, Sei, SUI, Massa and even StarkNet node validator.

Core Values

My core values are consistency, sustainability and long-term orientation as I believe that StarkNet as a big part of Eth and whole crypto ecosystem.

Conflicts of Interest

None at the moment, I will declare any that arise during delegation



  • Address: 0x984253cAd96157B89255F4674E5362Fc0feb69Ee
  • StarkNet address: 0x068b32BE3a8B9D29E41Fc824aBd7AC5462Aba17FA77280586Fe0D6Ef4313d8c6
  • Twitter: @didbit_eth
  • Github: didbit · GitHub
    I like to explore new projects and projects abilities.
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Address: 0x981cC27BD476Fc300A28270555C7BEbF09efBCFF
ENS: sinejkeexz.eth
Twitter: @tin_verem
SrakNet Mainnet :   0x01547972b2F27cBbD66B51D1B1977a51BAc9dd2a4f6FDF6D1cfEC4d97Ea5E22c

Hello everyone, my name is Michael and my wallet name, as well as my username on Twitter, is sinejkeexz. I am a content creator in various blockchain networks and I am interested in contracts, their creation, reading what people write in them, and analyzing them. I see a great future in this because anything that is not done needs to be coded first, which is a whole contract as we know it.

My native language is Ukrainian, and I am proficient in Russian, Polish, and English. I want to become a delegate for StarkNet because I want to know how the system works from the inside and positively influence it - decentralization, organic ecosystem growth, spreading among the Russian-speaking population, as well as the overall cryptocurrency community.

I also have additional skills such as creating cool videos, images, memes, intros, and everything related to design. I will attach links below for you to see. Thank you for reading. (My work) (My work)